Friday, 27 January 2012

What Lesbians Are Looking For

 For a lot of lesbians, finding the love of your life can be as easy as googling for lesbian dating sites (or even some more general purpose online dating sites) and creating an accurate profile that is fun and friendly, and then just sit back and read the emails that will start to trickle in for the next few days. Sounds easy right , well it is, but you should also continue taking your own pro-active steps to meet someone. So spend some time reading other profiles online, because not only might you find some really interesting females to connect to, but you could also get some good ideas of things that you could have put in your profile or different ways of phrasing your profile to make it more interesting. If someone's wording or ideas caught your eye, then similar wording or ideas might help your profile catch someone else's eye. A great number oflesbians are often exposed to different types of groups of people as they go about social, work or other events of importance in their lives. Any special event that attracts you will also attract like minded individuals, so you should always be on the lookout for someone with interests compatible to  yours.

 A common mistake that a lot of lesbians make when having their first relationship is rushing into things too quickly. Before you end up waking up next to a person that you barely know. Go out on a few outings first, get to know each other to find out if you have anything in common. You should have some common interests, values and plans for the future that will mesh well. Share things with each other, if you get a new job, if a family member has a baby, a wedding coming up, a commendation you might have gotten, share these things with you partner, you should not only think of them as your lover but also your best friend.

If you are at a family gathering or with friends and someone starts telling gay and lesbian jokes that are in bad taste and insulting to you and your partner, and you see your partner isdisgusted by it, just get up and leave, tell them you came to enjoy yourselves not to listen to a lot of trash about how other people live their lives|One awkward situation would be to find yourselves at a social or family gathering and hear people dissing the gay and lesbian community at large. This will require you to make a stand and let people know that you will not tolerate statements of that nature. Insult them if you have to. If your family and friends are aware of your sexual preference then tell them that you are not at all amused at what was said, and if the attitude persists that you will have to find other people to hang out with. You will love who you want and you don't care what anybody else thinks or says.

Introduce your partner to your friends and family and involve them in everything that you do. This is an important step to establishing and keeping a relationship.

Being one of God's chosen people, at least when it comes to aids, lesbians are just so lucky that their partner fully gets what it takes to satisfy them sexually. When one woman is making love to another woman each just naturally knows which enjoyment buttons to press for each other.  Gay men have a similar advantage, but the aids specter spoils the fun a lot.  Sex is the one area where a lesbian or gay relationship just runs circles around the hetero types.

The lesbian life is the best that there is, so love your life and live it to the max. Live, love and share your life with others, and surround yourself with friends and family who will be there for you in both good times and bad.

 Just remember people are always a little uneasy about things they really don't know a lot about so ensure that you at least surround yourself with friends and family who have a positive attitude to both you, your sexuality, and your situation.  Since you are lesbians, then you will likely be most comfortable with lesbian friends. Open minded heterosexual friends are tough to find, so if you have a few, cherish them and nurture them.

Just remember that after God created Adam and Eve, she realized her mistake and gave Eve a lesbian friend to keep her happy.  Adam was such a domineering sexual schmuck after all.