Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Date At The Beach

You just gotta love the beach. It is a relaxing place to be, and everyone is their to have a good time. The beach becomes an even better place to be if you have the new object of your desires there with you. However, if you’re going to go for the beach date, there are some considerations to make. Here are some tips for a successful beach date.

The magic number is five. You only need one item for each digit of one hand so it is really, really easy for the mathematically challenged to count them all (and no, I do not mean five rings, one for each finger). Five items is the minimum requirement for a great outing. If any of them are missing, you’re already sunk. You need to bring a big blanket, sunscreen, water, flip-flops, and towels. The sand and sun will be so hot, that without that stuff, you’ll burn, roast, and fail. Now that you have the basics covered, we can move onto other considerations.

Beach Date Pluses

The best things about the beach date are that it is inexpensive, and you get to see her in a bathing suit. A free look at your potential honey in her bikini is something that you should take advantage of! . Plus, if you’re sunglasses are dark enough, all the other women on the beach in their bikinis are there to see too. Just don’t get caught staring!

The beach date is mostly about swimming and just horsing around with your honey. Splashing and playing with beach balls and Frisbees is a lot of fun. It is sometimes a bit difficult getting in those first few intimate touches, but losing your balance and grabbing each other for support while playing in the water is a great ice breaker in that area. Similarly, there is something about swimming together in deeper water and taking a water treading break that requires being close and personal. Speaking of, applying her sunscreen is another way to establish instant physical intimacy.

The beach date is also great because you can stay and watch the sunset and have a picnic supper with her. This is very romantic, and if you have played your cards right all day, will lead to much more intimacy.

The Bad Stuff

One thing that is sure to spoil a beach outing is rain, cold weather or excessive wind. Check the forecast before you leave so that you have an idea of what might be coming. Remember too, that the temperature at the beach is always a little cooler, because of the onshore breeze. Bring an extra sweater in case she gets chilly.

You should also check any pollution warnings for the beaches in your area, and in some parts of the country, you would need to verify if there is any increased risk of jellyfish stings.

Babies and kids can be annoying, let’s face it. If you’re blanket is beside a family with a bunch of screaming babies or rambunctious kids, it can be tough to relax and get cozy with your lady. Find somewhere quiet and private. And don’t be afraid to move if a family settles beside you. Remember that you may have to be mobile, so pack as light as you can.

Then you have the body builder types that parade around the beach showing off their bodies. These guys always ruin it for more average guys with long hair, or a small belly. You can try distracting her when they come near, but it is better to actually just let her get her eyeful of hunky dude. Chances are she would not be going out with you if body builder types enamor her.

If you have a good day, you may linger after most of the crowd has gone. This is the time when most people would think that you could have some beach sex. Not a good idea, despite what Hollywood tells you. Here’s why. Sex on the beach always involves sand. It’s coarse, and not what you want when you’re getting “slippery”. Plus, it’s not private, and gets cold fast once the sun goes down. Bring her home to bed – trust me!

Anyways, hopefully this gives you guys some ideas and help. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Is Love Avoiding Me

     As I did my daily routine of running through the park area behind my house one sunny fourth of July last year, I was looking at the half dead trees, and the weeds that some people refer to as  flowers, and smelling the water in the creek (that I swear comes from the sewers), when a bird crapped on my head. I thought “oh well” just another ordinary day. As I walked along, I bumped into a acquaintance of mine that I will call Stinky and please don't ask why I call him that, I think it is obvious. As we walked, I told him about the bird, and he replied “take me to the tree that you were standing under, its good luck”. If I had thought for one minute that it was good luck I'd be rolling in it, (as you may have figured Stinky really doesn’t have much of a life, but then again, neither do I).

         Our biggest problem is chatting with the opposite sex. Stinky can usually mouth a few comments, then he has to get lost. I’m a little more relaxed since I work with a lot of women anyway. I can usually have  somewhat of a conversation with them before I start to shiver and have my knees buckle under me, then I have to politely excuse myself.

    Stinky feels that women have unreal expectations when it comes to dating, however, I beg to differ. I really don't believe for a minute the women suggesting that he  have a shower before picking her up is classified as “high standard”. Stinky  may be the smelliest guy I know, but he is  one of the nicest (nicest not brightest). However, he has been known to come up with amazing idea's that make a lot of sense, but I'm not sure about this one. “We will join a Dating Site” he yelled out. I said before sometimes he comes up with amazing idea's but this wasn't one of those times. He proceeded to inform me that a friend at work suggested the idea(nice friend). “Is this the same friend that leaves deodorant and body wash on your desk?” I asked. “It sure is! He's a very thoughtful person,” (ya right). Stinky said “My friend met a wonderful women on a dating site,” (what women?? the guy he's talking about is gay!) “Why would your homosexual friend use a dating site to meet women?” I asked, “I think your getting in over your head”. In the end, and after weeks of avoiding  Stinky and his crazy idea, I finally decided to give in just to humor him.

        As I tried to sleep that night, all I could think about was the last date I had, which, to me, had been a dismal failure. I’m sure the woman I'll call (“bottomless pit”), hadn’t eaten in a week  prior to our date and she must have thought I was rich or something! After she had consumed several appetizers as well as several other side dishes, expensive wine and the entree of lamb chops, I checked the balance on my Visa card, then to my surprise she demanded we order desert! “Desert!?” I quickly reminded her that this was not an all you can eat buffet, she then  jumped up called me things I've never heard before and stormed to the door. I ran after her and asked if she would like to see me again, at which time she beat me with her hand bag (I guess that meant no!). So I went back to the table and sat alone looking at the bill she had racked up and wondered if I would be able to get some overtime at work next week to pay for it.

        I started to have second thoughts about joining a dating site, but since my best friend had his heart set on it (and knowing he would do anything for me), I decided to go through with it. It turned out to be the best move that we had ever made. Stinky and I both joined a Dating Site, and it wasn’t long before we had  responses from some beautiful ladies. We were both very nervous and excited to think that we could finally stop using blow up dolls for companions. Stinky asked me “what should I do to get ready?”I said “just get in the shower, turn that water on, use that bar of soap (you only had it for whole year) and scrape your troubles away”, (as well as the dirt and body odor of course).We double dated that evening to  lean on each other, and we had an amazing time. It was a standard dinner and dancing date, but it just went so well. Stinky took me aside and declared that this was the woman of his dreams. I gave him a brotherly hug, and said “follow your heart,” and he did. She seemed to take to him as well, surprisingly!

         Well I don't call him Stinky anymore, (no one does now that he has learned  basic  hygiene). He is and always will be, my best friend. Henry is still with his special woman that he met on that dating site. This was eight years ago and after dating for two years, they took the plunge. They had one child and are expecting another any time now. As for me, it took a little longer, but I finally found my life partner, and we are expecting our first child soon. Life is fantastic and it keeps getting better!

       Its true what they say, there's somebody for everyone. You just have to look in the right place. Sometimes like a mother bird teaching her young to fly, you just need a little push to get going . Life is too short and precious to spend it alone, wondering what it would be like to have someone to share it with. So if you are interested in making a positive move for the future then take my advice, and get off your derriere and make the first move.

    Hey, if Stinky and I can do it, so can you! There are so many dating sites out there that you might think you'll never find the right one, but I'll give you a tip, this is the site that me and Stinky used to find the best sites for us and in our opinion its the ultimate starting point to find dating sites. So if you are tired of being all alone and want someone to share your life and love with well just follow this link, you'll be glad you did.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fundamental Firsts Of Dating

When you begin dating someone and they turn out to be a person you’d like to see regularly, there will likely be some significant firsts in your relationship that you’ll need to be prepared for.  Following is a list of some of the major hurdles along with sage advice for dealing with the situation.

Upchucking For The First Time

In the normal course of any relationship, eventually your partner is going to end up drinking too much and vomiting. This will pretty much happen in every relationship. If you see that your date is going to upchuck, then give them the space that they need. Preferably position them over a toilet or other adequately sized container, and then wet down a washcloth. A glass of cold water will also help in the aftermath. If they have long hair, then hold it back for them so they do not get barf all over it. Also, they will need to clean up a bit afterwards. Hopefully you have a few extra toothbrushes available. If not, then give them yours. They will not mind, and you can always replace it. Buy several when you do. While you are at it, pick up some gaviscon. That is a sure fire way to settle an upset stomach so you can avoid repeat events later. Not a pleasant first, but now you’re prepared.

First Silent Sender In Bed

This can be a very delicate moment. If your partner is the guilty party, try not to make a big deal about it, and just remember that it is a sign that the relationship has just moved to an entirely new comfort zone. If the stink is overpowering, or if you suspect it might be, then just leave the room for a 'drink of water', while you are at it, take a pee. All of this will allow more time to pass so that the after effects are better dissipated. If it turns out that you are the perpetrator, then just say a polite,"Excuse Me." Do not try to blame it on any specific thing. Likely your partner already knows what you have been ingesting that night, and therefore can draw their own conclusions as to the reasons. Resist any temptation to push your partner’s head under the covers like you did to your little brother back when you were kids. Open a window for really bad silent senders.

First On Purpose Gas Blast

Once the first anal blast slips out, it is only a matter of time before you pass gas with gusto. In this particular case, even though you are with your partner, you go out of your way to let everybody within earshot know that you just passed gas. In a manner to what Mike Meyers did as 'Fat Bastard' in the movie 'Gold Member'. For this reason it can be referred to as the showmanship fart. This is a big sign of intimacy (and immaturity). If it is your partner who did it, then responding with a grin and even clapping would likely be well received. If you are blowing off your own gas, then you have to take a cue from your partner's reaction. If they look all weirded out, then apologize and tighten up your anal sphincter to avoid a repeat performance. If they grin, then give them your deepest bow.

First Pee While Showering

It is a given that as some point, one of you is going to have to use the toilet while the other is in the shower. That is of course providing that you only have one bathroom. If it’s your partner in the shower and you are in desperate need of using the toilet, simply announce your presence as you enter the bathroom and explain what is going on. Make sure that you tell them that you will not flush until they are finished.  PUT THE LID DOWN WHEN YOU ARE DONE.  If you are the one in the shower, then ask them not to flush, but be ready incase they do it out of force of habit. You might even ask them to join you when they are done so you can mutually wash each other. Very entertaining.

A Mouthful Of Morning Breath

This is a real glass is half empty/full moment. On the good side, they spent the night, which is always a good thing. The sex was amazing, and you both wake up smiling at the memory. At this point you are thinking that your "Kama Sutra For Dummies" book was the best investment that you have ever made. They lean in for a kiss and you get a whiff of morning breath. Ouch! Immediately your first reflexive reaction would be to pull away quickly. Don't do it! So hold your breath and say something endearing. Make sure that you do not breath out much while you are near them. Likely your mouth smells as bad as it tastes about now too. Get up and brush your teeth. Make them a peppermint tea. Have an extra toothbrush ready for them. If you are a real pro, you will keep a container of mints on the night table, or dresser beside the bed. Once they have the taste of peppermint in their mouth, get some afternoon delight!

Meeting Friends and Family

It is always a challenge the first time that you meet your partner's friends. They will all be checking you out to see if you are good enough for their pal. Some will be friendly, and some will be hostile Some will be on friendly terms with your partner's last beau and may still be secretly rooting for them to reconcile. You are an obstacle to that dream. Some of them will be secretly interested in your partner, and want you out of the picture altogether. With any luck, one of them may even have a biblical interest in you. This would be most fortunate if you are a guy and they are a MILF.

You have to behave like a Shito priest. Regardless of the provocation, you must be in control of your emotions and serene. To make it easier on yourself, spend most of your time with the ones who are overtly friendly to you. Any jokes that you tell should be similar to what others are telling. Never indulge in shocking them in any way. That means no escalation of whatever humor topic that they are on. The best practice is to keep your humor clean, and stay away from gross comments. Make sure that you kiss your partner publicly a few times to establish your bond to the others. Before you go, give yourself a drink target not to exceed. A good trick is to stay away from beer. It is hard to hide the fact that you are not really drinking with beer. Better to go with a simple mixed drink like a rum and coke. After you hit your drink limit, switch to straight coke and nobody is the wiser. Just make sure that you stay sober enough not to retaliate. Just remember to stay cool and go out of your way to turn the other cheek.

The Ex

Meeting your partners Ex for the first time can be dicey. This is especially tricky if they still have feelings for your partner. A one sided dumping of the Ex by your partner will almost certainly result in such a dilemma. You need to size up the situation quickly to see how to respond. They can be pleasant, or they can be surly. If they are being social, then respond similarly. Give the Ex and your partner some space so they can privately discuss anything that needs discussing. Before you back off though, make sure that your partner does not think you are abandoning them. A few feet is sufficient for privacy while still showing support. Across the room is abandonment If there is hostility or anger, never escalate. In this situation the best response is a tactful withdrawal. Nothing will be gained by confrontation. Calmly suggest to your partner that you both should leave, and then do so. Take them someplace where you can talk to them easily. Likely they will need to vent a bit after such a confrontation. The tactful withdrawal is the high road and that should always be followed. It is much more classy than a brawl! At this point, you can use your judgment and do a little innocuous slamming of the Ex. Stay away from personalities though. Best to just critique the clothes, the haircut, or the person that the Ex was with.

If it’s your ex you run into, the same rules apply. If your current partner sees that you can maintain a somewhat friendly relationship with your Ex, it is bonus points for you.  If you can maintain a good relationship with your Ex, then it gives you kudos points. If it turns out that your Ex is a bit of a nutcase, and / or hostile, then politely bug out. You do not want them blabbing about a bunch of stuff best left forgotten.

Eating Crackers In The Sack

This is not really that big an issue and your partner will likely join in with a little cajoling. It would be a relationship disaster if it turns out that “Crackers” is your pooch. In this case both of your relationships are going to the dogs!

The First Time You Are Caught In Flagrante Delicto With A Sexy Sensual Seagull

Sorry, but your relationship just ended. If you are lucky they will send you to the funny farm.

The First Time You Are Found Playing Tonsil Hockey With Your Ex

If your Ex and your current partner are up for a menage a trois, you might get away with it. Otherwise, you can kiss off your relationship. Walk away with as much dignity as you can muster.

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

BBW Sexy Ladies

Everyone has their own standards of sexy.
The idea of sexy has many different meanings to individual people. 
As society has changed, so to have ideals, examples and vision of what it is that defines sexy. 
Sex, for most of the twentieth century, was considered to be a not to be discussed in polite company topic. 
Once movies became a big part of everyone's life, the idea of being seen with a large woman on your arm fell out of favor with the majority of men.  Moviestars were usually skinnier than most women for their time. The reason was simple; cameras add pounds to anyone's form, so moviestars tended to be thinner than average in real life to appear normal on the screen.  Slowly, the the idealized form of sexy gradually started to shift from voluptuous to thin.

There is now a shift in place that is moving the ideal of sexy up in weight.
With plastic surgery, larger breasts are back in vogue, even on skinny women.
Push up bras  with even triple padding are all the rage among young women, but when their male companions see them while horizontal on, the jig (jug?) is up.  Men are let down with push-up-bra types.  Because of this, many men are increasingly look at women with naturally large busts, so curvy is back in vogue.   And on that note, who is more voluptuous than a big beautiful woman?

When you look back in time, curvy women were the most desirable. Larger women were seen as fruitful, and children were a benefit in hunter-gatherer and rural based societies.  Even in cave man days, small statues often depicted their goddesses as  well endowed women and in most cases these statuettes were more obese than just curvy.

The lyrics in "Fiddler On The Roof" (If I Was a Rich Man) which talks about Russian peasant society at the turn of the twentieth century exemplifies a rich man's wife as having a proper double chin. In other words, throughout most of history, being meatier was a status symbol, because it proved you had an abundance of food, and therefore must be rich.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, there has been a new incoming citizens from many various ethnic groups into north America. With these cultures have also come a preference for larger families and women who will bear larger families.  The well endowed woman is back in vogue.

Who knows, maybe in a few more years, Hollywood hotties will be BBW's.  Mae West was certainly not in any way skinny, but in the early 20's and 30's she was most men's ideal of a sexy lady.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Kinky Dates

Occasionally the cosmos will line up for some lucky dude and he will find himself paired up with a sexually adventurous woman. The kind of woman who isn’t “prim and proper”, but rather, one who is interesting and kinky.  If you want to keep a lady like this interested in you, you have to change up the routine often, and take her to down less traveled roads regularly. Here are some ideas to get you thinking outside of the box so that you can end up inside the best sort of box on a regular basis!

Stripper Bar

If your women has any sorts of bi-sexual tendencies, she will likely jump at the chance to go to a strip bar. I mean, she will likely enjoy the action as much as you! She might even buy you a lap dance, and vise-versa! There are some memories to last a lifetime! Many strippers are bi-sexual, or into threesomes, so if you want to really be out there, you might find that the girl on stage can be persuaded into a menage a trois. 

Sex Toy Shopping

If you have the blahs and not feeling like going to any of your normal dating places, consider taking your honey to an adult store. There are lots of interesting gizmos and apparel to look at. If nothing else, it can be a good laugh, but who knows, you may find something interesting to buy that both of you want to try out. Relaxing your normal inhibitions a bit by having a couple of drinks before going never hurts. It takes the pressure off, and just makes things a bit more fun. Pay attention as you walk around and take notice of what she is touching, or looking at. Ask questions and see if she gets a blush on. If you see something sexy, tell her you would like to buy it for her. Ask her if there is anything that she wants to get for you? You can’t lose at the adult shop. A word of caution here. Most quality shops are pretty expensive, and there is a no-returns policy on just about everything. Make sure you can bankroll the trip before embarking on it.

Role Playing

A fun and kinky date is one in which you pretend to be strangers that meet at the bar, and then you seduce each other using your different persona. Act like you don’t know each other and meet at a hotel bar. Buy her a drink and start chatting her up. Watch the bartender get more and more impressed the more and more she seems to be interested in you. Then, rent one of the rooms in the hotel and get the sheets dirty, if you know what I mean. She can play “Nurse Naughty”, “Sex Teacher”, “Marion the Librarian”, almost anything.

The best way to pick the role to play is to write them all down on separate pieces of paper, and then pick them out of a hat or something.

S&M Parlor

For a real change of pace, consider Bondage. It requires that you fully trust your partner, and that may actually add to your relationship. Lots of people like the bondage and domination part of it. Saddo is not everyone's cup of tea..  Most regular practitioners are into the bondage side of things rather than the domination or the saddo masochism, so do not let the idea scare you.  Most parlors are willing to help newbie's along, even if they normally cater to the more experienced.

That should be enough to dip your toe into. If you do not have a lot of room for costumes, consider renting them. For other ideas, there are always fetish parties to attend, and sexy-themed hotel rooms to stay in. Just make sure you keep it fun, entertaining, and KINKY!

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Dating In The Electronic Age

With every passing day, things change in the dating world. It seems like only yesterday all you needed for a successful courtship was a big club to smack a love interest over the head with. But nowadays, especially with social media, there are some considerations you need to make while dating new people. In the spirit of brotherhood, I have taken the time to highlight a few good ideas that you should consider when dating someone in this brave new world!

Emailing Her At Work

Almost every white collar worker has a computer at their disposal in their job place now. This is an opportunity for you to send some little "thinking about you" note. Despite the temptation to remind her about the noises she made the night before during your adult times, or send her a picture of a train going into a tunnel with the caption “thinking of you”, keep anything you send to her workplace professional. You never know which of her superiors are reading her work correspondence, and you don’t want to get her in trouble. And keep it to a minimum – short, sweet and nothing embarrassing to her if someone else reads it. Most people do not realize that work email is not private and it is totally owned by the company where she works. They can read anything at will without any legal documentation required.

Male Acquaintances of Hers Posting On Her Facebook Account

Do not get jealous or upset about what someone is putting on her wall. She is not the one who did it. You will know more from her actions as to what the real situation is. If they do not have a long standing fraternal relationship partly based on lewd joking and she has any sort of class, she will likely delete the post, and if it persists will un-friend the dud. If you see the guy at a club, feel free to “crop dust” him as revenge. (Crop dusting is walking by someone in a club and farting as you pass them, leaving them in a big stink cloud).

Turn Down Your Answering Machine to “Off”

People call at the most inconvenient times. If you are with your girlfriend in your apartment and your ex calls looking to get back together it could prove embarrassing. To avoid this type of drama in your life, it is just a lot safer to leave the machine off and check messages when you are alone.

Get Up With Her, Then Go Back to Sleep

More and more women are entering the workplace with a full head of steam to do well. To this end, she may have to be an early riser to stay on top of workloads. If she’s crashing at your place, get up with her, no matter how early it is. While she is showering, fix her up a light breakfast of toast and either tea or coffee, depending on her tastes. She will be happy for the attention, and that will likely garner you extra special attention later that evening! Plus, you can go right back to sleep once she leaves. This is the best nooky-getting gimmick ever!

Use Your Smartphone Reminders

Use the technology you have in your pocket to your advantage. You may already be using it for important events already.. Do not just use it for birthdays. Use it for important dates in your relationship. Your first date, your first kiss, the first time you slept together, etc. Include notes for each reminder as to what you did, what she was wearing, what you talked about, and where you went. Program it to remind you a week out so you can make arrangements for that special memory, such as reservations or flowers. Also have it remind you the day before just in case you get focused on something else. You will be rewarded with adult fun.

Wash Your Sheets Weekly

Some guys just do not get it. It is okay to sleep in your own drool stains. It is not cool to expect your girlfriend to do the same! Clean it up if you want her to actually lie down in your bed to have sex with you.

A Day At The Sex Store

If you plan to pick up any merchandise at a sex shop, make sure that your girlfriend is there with you. You cannot return intimate apparel or sex toys, so it is worth the effort to get the right stuff in the first place. Make the effort to involve her in the selection so she will actually be into using whatever you get. The best approach is to just cajole her into checking the place out for fun. As you joke about some of the more extreme things, she will invariably find some simple things that are just fun and not really kinky in any way. Lubes are a good place to start. Whipped cream, skimpy clothes, costumes and edible panties are also an easy sell. After the first few trips, she will become more willing to try other toys.

So just make a few changes and have a great time!

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Friday, 1 June 2012

First Date Do's and Don'ts

Your first date is your first real opportunity to market yourself to a prospective partner. Because of that, it is a significant key moment in your life. A lot is riding on the line here. You are walking a tightrope between keeping the discussion animated and boring her with your exploits. The line between complimenting them or just being creepy. Or the line between being dazzling or being a dud. You need to let your inner self come out. Be relaxed, but also be careful. Never lose site that you are being judged. So with no further ado, here are some hard learned lessons that you might find helpful.

1. Crank One Out

This concept was first introduced to the mass public in the movie "There's Something About Mary" – starring Ben Stiller , Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon Just before, or during your pre-date shower, give yourself a hand job. With a flaccid member, you are more likely to be your usual intelligent self, rather than constantly trying to shift the conversation over to discussions of getting her in bed. Going in fully cocked, you will focus too much on her physical attributes and that is a turn off for 90% of women. You’ll try to listen to her, but all you’ll be able to think about is where you’d like to stick your tongue. The biggest advantage of an empty barrel is that if the evening goes particularly well and you do end up in bed, you will last longer and be better able to satisfy her. And you will likely be able to control yourself to let her orgasm  multiple times. Do that and she will be your sex slave forever.

2. Get Her Name Right

If you have never made the mistake of getting a girl's name wrong on the first place, let me tell you, it is not pretty. It is pretty much all downhill from that moment. To minimize this faux-pas you should consider writing her name and pertinent information in the notes area of your cellphone. In a pinch, text message it all to yourself so you will have it ready to see.

3. Take Small Bites When Eating

If you are having an animated conversation, there is a distinct advantage to taking small bites. It means that you can get to the point of swallowing your food in seconds before you reply. Big bites do not allow for this. I was on a first date with a really nice girl once. The discussion was going well and I answered without thinking. I still had a wack of food in my mouth. We both watched as a piece of my dinner flew out of my mouth and landed on her plate. Embarrassing! Needless to say it was our last date!

4. Keep The Porn Under Wraps If You Plan To Bring Her Over

She will likely not be impressed on the first date finding out that you like to watch felatio porn movies. At least not yet. Make a habit of tidying up your apartment before every date, just in case. And that means hiding the porn as well. Do not forget to empty your DVD player. Firing it up to watch Must Love Dogs only to have your DVD player auto-load– Debbie Does Dead Dogs – would really suck.

5. Getting Sloppy Drunk Is A Show Stopper

Alcohol in moderation can be a great vehicle on a first date to help get over initial nervousness. However, it can also make you look like a total jackass. One bottle of wine, equally shared between the both of your should be your limit. (That is two 6 ounce glasses each by the way. The equivalent of two bottles of beer – not pints of beer.) Drink water between your alcoholic drinks. Making mistakes and drinking too much is a common mistake. One I have made myself. But the results speak for themselves. Only one time did my drinking excessively not get in the way of subsequent dates, and that was when my date turned out to be a complete lush. It was fun at first, but I broke it off after a few months.

6. No Ex Talk

Talking about an ex in specifics is a mistake. She really does not care about your failed relationships. She wants to know if there is any possibility of building a relationships with you. If she presses, speak in non-specifics and try to change the topic. Read a few magazines in the afternoon before your date so you have interesting things to talk about. You have to keep her happy and communicating with you. Without that, you will not get a second chance.

Hopefully my dating foibles will help you avoid some of your own.

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