Friday, 18 November 2011

Dating Means Buying A Lot of Condoms

Being on the Dating scene is a continuous adventure. The exercise is usually fun, and always stimulating. You are sure to meet many new people. Some you will click with and develop a budding friendship. Many will quickly fall by the wayside. There are a few however that will develop into longer term friends, and even lovers.

During the search for someone special, hopefully you will have a lot of sex with new people. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. Sex and adult relationships go hand in glove. Having sex with a bunch of new partners requires you to use Condoms. You would be an idiot not to.

The greater majority of people are not too thrilled about using condoms. They decrease the connection between partners, and severely lower the sensation for men. Having sex with a condom is about as pleasurable as eating with a condom on your tongue. Not the best of experiences.. You may not starve, but it can certainly remove much of the pleasure! However, in this day and age, you should always wear one. It’s just smart.

At least there are some fun choices for the selection of your little rubber buddies now. There are now more choices than just slippery or dry. There are a ton of novelty condoms on the market. Ribbed or not, colored, flavored, interesting little appendages on the end – you name it, someone has dreamed up the variation already. Make sure you read the packaging before you go too crazy with any of them though – some are novelty condoms, and do not portend to prevent STIs or pregnancy. These types of novelty condoms are just meant to have some fun with. For serious sex, stick to the boring drug store variety for the most part

Some of the more unique types of condoms raising their heads are quite amusing. First off, there is the “Inspiral Condom”. It is a spiral ribbed condom that is really catching on quickly. U.S. Surgeon Dr. A. Reddy, who also invented the prototype of the original female condom, did the fundamental research that lead to its development. When worn, the spiral ribbing makes the penis look like a giant screw. According to the rave reviews online, it creates intense sensation in the man and woman, while creating a feel like the sheath is thinner than it actually is. And you’ll literally be getting “screwed” when you have sex with it. No longer a colloquialism!

For those studs out there who want staying power, there is the new “Viagra Condom”. It stimulates a longer and more protracted erection. If you have trouble maintaining and erection after you have donned a condom, this is the tool for you! Even the best of us have occasional problems in this arena, so I am going to keep one of these babies in my pack-sack of sexual goodies.

Besides sex, condoms have found a myriad of other practical uses. They are often packed into survival kits where they are used to keep things dry, hold drinking water, and even to fashion a sling shot with.

A gallon of water! That surprised me. Especially considering that the average ejaculate a man expends during sex is one and a half teaspoons. Overkill!