Thursday, 10 November 2011

If You Want More Sex, Treat Your Woman to an Orgasm

A few generations ago, most adult ladies never experienced and orgasm. In fact, a lot of them did not understand what an orgasm was.  Many women were reared with no sexual instruction, and often made to believe that sex was a painful wifely duty. A twin study ending in 2005 found that one third of women did not (or seldom) orgasm, and only one in ten always orgasm. Many women have serious troubles having an orgasm. A woman who cannot have an orgasm has as frustrating a life as a man with an erectile disfunction.

Now the question is how do we change all this, especially when most women now a days  want orgasms. Lets start by defining a female orgasm.  Woman experiencing an orgasm is similar to what men achieve-there is a surge of emotion, in a moment of incredible enjoyment, and a pulsing, electric sensation that spreads out through the body.  Rythmiccontractions take place within the pelvic area also encompassing the vaginal walls. One key difference is that women don't experience a refractory period, and may have multiple orgasms with continued clitoral stimulation, often within a minute or two. In most women, there is no fluid ejaculated during orgasm.  This is important for men to understand so that they understand that a woman can have a completely satisfying orgasm without ejaculating.

With the help of a skilled lover, most women can have multiple orgasms if they want.

Women are physiologically pickier than men when it comes to achieving an orgasm. For instance:

1) Women  must feel appreciated, and wanted a romantic atmosphere
3) A person they click with
4) Being at ease
5) The right degree if clitoral stimulation – not to rough, not too easy

You will unlikely simulate your female partner to orgasm without most of the previous conditions being met.

Men should understand that women generally have several variations of orgasms---the most common is orgasm of the clitoris.  The clitoris may be stimulated in a few ways, but the most common are oral stimulation or hand manipulation. The clitoral orgasm can have fluid expelled or be dry, and climaxes in uterus contractions . Another type of orgasm is centered on the G-spot. The G spot is tougher to zero in on: it is located about halfway between the back of the pubic bone, and the front of the cervix. The majority of women will have the G spot a few inches inside the vagina, and on the top side.  Gentle but firm pressure is required to find the G spot if the woman is not stimulated yet.  It is a softer area that is about one half centimeter in size. The size, and exact location vary.  When located, and stimulated, the G spot can result in an orgasm within the vaginal walls.

Figure 1, Internal Female Anatomy:

In summation, sex is something very sensual that will provide both partners with a wonderful rush of pleasurable feelings. The following can help your lady companion have orgasms regularly:

1) Women are touchy, feely people – use gentle stroking with your hands, lips and tongue.Do not be rough as the genital area is extremely sensitive – you may want to look into something like KY jelly to keep things moist, especially if you have leathery skin on your hands
3) Gently kiss her breasts to create excitement
4) Slow and easy is the only way to win this race
5) Verbalize, ask for feedback
6) Women like you to tease them sexually – touch and withdraw many times. This will intensify the orgasm and the pleasure for both of you.
7) If she is dry – the most likely case at the beginning of sexual intercourse, use your own natural lubrication, or else use a lubricant like KY Jelly – if she is dry, sex will be painful and cause lasting damage.
8) Be careful not to over stimulate some parts of the body – too much manipulation of the nipples or clitoris can cause pain
9) Experiment so that sex does not get stale
10) Do not push to try new things – experimentation must be mutual or else it will cause you to lose the moment

Men should read and practice the techniques in this guide, because more female orgasms are the keys to the kingdom of much more sex.

If you are an unsatisfied woman – convince your partner to read this article, after all, your future happiness is at stake!

Good Luck!

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