Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tips For Breaking Up

Let’s face it: sometimes things go south in a relationship. I’m not sure why they call something bad “going south”. I love going south. It’s warm. Lots of bikinis.

But back to the point – sometimes you have to break up with a partner. It’s never fun, but there are things you can do to make it less awful. My advice: do it as soon as possible – that way you can get over it, and move on to trying to find the right person.

Good Break Up Tips

1. Do Not Do It In A Public Place

Many times, a breakup will be emotional. Sometimes throwing things emotional. Sometimes crying emotional. In any event, being in a very public place, like a restaurant, airs these emotions in front of too many people. Restaurants are also difficult to leave quickly because at least one of you has to stick around long enough to pay the bill.

2. Do It Just Before A Weekend

This is a consideration for them so that they can get it back together before having to go to work. Often people will miss work the next day. If they get fired, then you have the added guilt of them losing their job as a result of you breaking up with them. You want to avoid that. In any event, it gives them a chance to call up other close friends and thoroughly trash you, drink themselves into oblivion, cry themselves out, and get over the ensuing hangover without missing a day of work.

3. Give Space and Time

The best way to effectively have a smooth break-up is limit the time you’re together with your ex immediately after the dumping. If you start seeing someone new, don’t take them to your ex’s regular haunt. Don’t rub your new partner in their face! And, if you need to talk to friends about the reason you broke up, choose friends that are not common friends. Otherwise, you’re asking for a soap opera, and I mean that in a bad way. Even though I watch soap operas. They’re hot. And they have bikinis.

Things Not To Do When Breaking Up

1. Don’t break up in the knife department at Sears. There are too many temptations for them to give you a little going-away present (like a circumcision, or an impromptu hair cut). If you have to do it out in public, do it at the marshmallow factory. There are very few sharp edges there.

2. Do not put yourself into a situation where after you break up, you are forced to be near your ex for a period of time. So, do not do it while on a trip or a vacation. Do not do it while touring the Statue of Liberty. In other words, when picking the turf to break up on, you need a clean and private exit strategy for both of you.

3. If they start asking why you want to end it, don’t get caught up in a debate. If they can out argue you, you might be tempted to give it another try. It’s a trap! Stick to your guns, and wish them the best. After all, the sooner they find someone new, the sooner you can start double dating and, if you’re lucky and the sex was good, wife swapping.

Well, not literally. Thanks to over-fishing it’s actually kind of concerning how few fish there are in the sea. But you know what I mean. We should think up a more factual expression.

Good luck!

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