Friday, 17 February 2012

Sex For Animals

Sometimes we humans worry about our sexual kinks. If anything makes humans unique, it is thinking about sex. The other 87 million species do not give it much of a thought. They react to it, but they do not think about it. There was recently a news story about a man who had been married over fifty years, and never told his wife about his cross-dressing while she was out shopping. Fifty years and he still couldn’t tell her! We need to be more open with our lovers as to our sexual inclinations and kinks. It is part of what defines us as a person. It is like the color of your eyes or your height. You did not set out to be that way, so why be embarrassed about it. Life would be a lot simpler but a lot more mundane if we all liked the same things. Unemployment would also be rampant, because three quarters of the products on the market would no longer have consumers. Vive la difference!

If you have not revealed all of your sexual wants and needs to your partner, then take a look at the weird behaviors of some animals to realize that your needs are not so weird after all. Here are some weird things that other species do during sexual intercourse. If God is okay with them doing it, then he must certainly be okay with you doing it!


You may think that you are a creep for sitting in perverts row at a strip club, but you are not. In the animal kingdom, the Japanese Macaque will give a female of his species fruit and other rewards to see her naked hiny. They also are pretty ruthless characters – attacking other macaques while they are in the midst of their orgasmic bliss. Crazy monkeys!

Honey Bees

There is no telling what might turn a guy on. Tattooing, piercing, torture devices trying to get a longer dick. Self abuse, being bitten, pulling, twisting and squeezing are common as well. A lot of guys are embarrassed by this, and go to a professional dominatrix behind their partner’s backs. They should thank their lucky stars that they are not honey bees! Honeybee males, in the act of reproduction, have their male parts explode and fall off. These poor saps only have one shot in their entire lifetime!


Most lesser endowed guys have looked wistfully at the penis pump ads in the back pages of many men's magazines. The idea is that you regularly inflate the cock and it will grow in size, eventually giving the man a larger penis. But guys are worried that women will see it in the back of their closet. Well, consider gentlemen, the barnacle. It inflates its junk up to fifty times the size of its entire body! And the females don’t mind at all!

Sea Hare

Some guys think about nothing else but being part of a threesome, foursome, or an even larger orgy. Most guys never realize this dream because they are too timid to admit to their partners that they would like to get into a swinging lifestyle. Now the sea hare does not have this problem. These slug like sea creatures get into huge mating chains, with so many in the chain that they actually end up forming a sex circle (of course if they were all males, this would be the perfect example of a circle jerk – LOL).


With all the free porn sites out there, more and more men have been exposed to some really weird stuff like golden showers (people peeing on each other). This is a tricky one to bring up with your lady, unless you’re taking a shower together and claim it was an accident. Male giraffes LOVE getting pissed on – it’s how they know if the female is ready for some lovin’! They get their face covered in urine and then mount their woman, alight with desire.

Long story short – talk to your partner and be honest about what you’re interested in. Maybe they’ve been interested in the same thing too, and you can both try it out together. Just remember to always be safe and have fun!

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