Friday, 24 February 2012

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Almost as many erotic relationships end as are started. I mean, it might be nice to have lots of friends with benefits so that you are never without a handy sex partner, but for some reason our society still has not reached this level of maturity.

Back to the point of this diatribe; if you are going to be good at getting into many relationships, you have to be just as good at getting out of them. For some reason, people getting into relationships just never figure the odds that you have to get out of most of them. Since the average person now-a-days has about 8 or 9 intimate relationships before settling down, that means that if you have 9 relationships before forming a permanent bond with someone, it means that you had to have ended 8 of them. Putting it mathematically, if R = the number of relationships that you start, then R-1 is the number of relationships that you had to end. OUCH!

Good Break Up Tips

1. Do It Privately

The best situation when breaking up with someone is to do it at his or her place. A lot of people say go somewhere public so they won’t make a scene. But sometimes the scene is inevitable, and you don’t want to be in public when that happens. Do it at their place, and then if they want to break something, it’s their stuff. They can kick you out, and you can leave peacefully. They don’t feel embarrassed if you’re out in public. It’s their safe place, so it’s best.

2. Do It Just Before A Weekend

This is a consideration for them so that they can get it back together before having to go to work. Often people will miss work the next day. If they get fired, then you have the added guilt of them losing their job as a result of you breaking up with them. You want to avoid that. In any event, it gives them a chance to call up other close friends and thoroughly trash you, drink themselves into oblivion, cry themselves out, and get over the ensuing hangover without missing a day of work.

3. Give Space and Time

The best way to effectively have a smooth break-up is limit the time you’re together with your ex immediately after the dumping. If you start seeing someone new, don’t take them to your ex’s regular haunt. Don’t rub your new partner in their face! And, if you need to talk to friends about the reason you broke up, choose friends that are not common friends. Otherwise, you’re asking for a soap opera, and I mean that in a bad way. Even though I watch soap operas. They’re hot. And they have bikinis.

Things Not To Do When Breaking Up

1. Pick your breakup turf carefully so as to minimize sharp objects and hard objects. Both of these types of things can be used on you in a fit of anger or despair. So, kitchens, craft rooms and work-rooms are out. For the same reasons, do not end it in a hardware store or kitchen specialty shop if you have to end it in public for some reason.

2. Do not put yourself into a situation where after you break up, you are forced to be near your ex for a period of time. So, do not do it while on a trip or a vacation. Do not do it while touring the Statue of Liberty. In other words, when picking the turf to break up on, you need a clean and private exit strategy for both of you.

3. Have a couple of answers up your sleeve for the inevitable "why" question. Just get them out and do not let yourself get trapped into a debate. Stick to your guns. If you do not, then you will inevitably get put into a position to give it another try. Keep it clean and final!

And remember – there are plenty of fish in the sea!

Good luck!

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