Friday, 9 December 2011

Finding The Male G-Spot

The male orgasm can be a complex experience, the major function of the male orgasm is the release of sperm, however some men do not ejaculate with orgasm. The female orgasm is however still a bit of a debate as to why it happens, some believe it is only to help the sperm along on their journey toward the egg (ovum).

 The majority of men are not at all familiar with their G-spot, some men don't realize that they have one. Most of you will be surprised to learn that the male prostate is in fact the equivalent to the women's G-spot. Not many people are acquainted with this fact. It is also easier to find the male G-spot. For some people it may seem abnormal to probe that area, but if you keep an open mind about it you could experience the best orgasms you could ever hope to have.


The male G-spot is not that troublesome to locate, however, it does require a bit of trial and error. It is located below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Lying on your back is on of the more comfortable and convenient ways to reach it, so you will most probably need to use a bed or a large couch. The process is less problematic if you have your legs elevated which you can do by having them hang over the back of the sofa or by leaning them against the wall behind the bed. Try putting a pillow under your posterior to make it easier to reach the right spot. For first timers take it slow and use a Vaseline. Then slowly insert a finger into the anus and probe gently, the prostrate gland has been reached when you come across the small lump the size of a chestnut that is roughly about two inches inward.

With your palm facing your partner's scrotum, insert your finger into your partner's anus, be sure your fingernails are not sharp, and be sure not to touch your own genital area with the same finger you used to penetrate your partners anus. Keep in mind that not all men like prostate stimulation just as some women love having their G-Spot massaged and others find it distracting. Once located and properly rubbed it will create an orgasm that is more powerful than they have ever had with regular sex.

Prostate milking as it is also called also enables the man to have multiple orgasms that are longer in duration and gives them the ability to ejaculate without being sexually aroused before hand. It has been noted that the orgasms achieved through prostrate milking can be 4 times more satisfying and can actually last up to five minutes. Male G-spot stimulation produces a full body orgasm.

 Before you and your better half start playing with his G-Spot, it is a good idea to get as relaxed as possible. Some people will actually have a nice hot shower before they proceed. Use a finger to find and stimulate the G-spot if unsure or you are a beginner, there are sexual devices you can purchase that can enhance your experience as well. There are also different techniques that can be used. Having your partner perform oral sex while gently manipulating the G-spot is one option.


It has often been noted that for a man to stimulate his own G-spot is strange and perverse, which is why it is not done that often. Prostrate manipulation is as normal as having intercourse, it is not something to be hidden, and it is not gay. There is nothing  perverse about enjoying the pleasures of self stimulation. It has the power to create a very dynamic orgasm, and it is entirely normal to experiment with it.


There are some risks associated with prostate milking if it is not done correctly|. Excessive pressure on the prostate gland can cause several problems such as transferring cancer, blood poisoning, infections, and hemorrhoids. The recommended pressure on the G-spot is comparable to the amount of pressure you would use to rub your eyes with.

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