Friday, 26 August 2011

Condoms Can Give A Date Some Extra Zing

If you’re out there on the dating scene trying to find someone new, you know how much fun it can be. There are a lot of new people to meet and get to know. Some of them will eventually fizzle into distant acquaintances, some will become friends, and a lucky group will become potential relationships.

Along with the quest for the love of your life comes the side benefit of a lot of sex with new partners. Not that there is anything wrong with that. After all, adult relationships almost always revolve around sex. However, having all this sex with all these new partners, only a fool would proceed with out protection. And protection means condoms.

I know that a lot of fellas, and ladies too, don’t like condoms. They decrease the connection between partners, and severely lower the sensation for men. Having sex with a condom is about as pleasurable as eating with a condom on your tongue. Not the best of experiences.. You get by, but much of the best part of the sensation is gone. However, in this day and age, you should always wear one. It’s just smart.

At least there are some fun choices for the selection of your little rubber buddies now. There are now more choices than just slippery or dry. The variety of condoms are endless. Do not just go to your drug store to buy them, but rather, take a trip to your local sex store. Even if you do not buy any, it is an interesting way to pass an hour or so. Be careful though. Not all novelty condoms are actually useful for inhibiting STD's or pregnancy. These types of novelty condoms are just meant to have some fun with. For serious sex, stick to the boring drug store variety for the most part

Some of the more unique types of condoms raising their heads are quite amusing. One is the “In spiral Condom”. It is the new “spiral” condom that has started becoming a phenomenon. U.S. Surgeon Dr. A. Reddy, who also invented the prototype of the original female condom, came up with this innovation. When in place on the penis, it looks like a big screw. There are rave reviews on the Internet for this product. Women love it because it is much more sensual for them and increases the intensity of their orgasm, while men like the fact that they feel the sensation much better than on a regular condom. Who would have thought that getting screwed could be so much fun!

Would you believe that there is now a "Viagra Condom"? It can improve the size and length of an erection. If you have trouble maintaining and erection after you have donned a condom, this is the tool for you! Since this has happened to me in the past, albeit rarely, I fully intend to keep one of these goodies in my personal pack of pleasure.

So now condoms are useful for sex as well as past uses. I mean, after all, most of us marveled as kids as to how big a water balloon you could make with a condom. A whole gallon! Which is one of the main reasons why you often find them packed in a survival kit. They are not there for sex – although that might be an interesting side benefit as two people huddle for warmth on a cold night. They are in survival kits because they have many uses. Keeping things dry, holding water; use two of them as the elastics for a sling shot even.

A gallon of water! That surprised me. Especially considering that the average ejaculate a man expends during sex is one and a half teaspoons. Overkill!