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Mastering The 'Eating In' Date

When you’re dating a woman, one of the toughest tests you’ll have to pass is the first time you make her dinner. Obviously there are advantages to having her over to your place for a quiet night together, but if dinner doesn’t go well, it could spoil the entire evening. Here are some simple tips to consider before undertaking such an important event.

If you’re really worried or inexperienced at making dinner for someone, the best thing for you to do is subtly ask her what her favorite cuisine is during a date, and order that from a reputable establishment. It might lack the “home-cooked” element that girls like, but it’s not a deal breaker. However, if you do feel like you’re a good cook, here are some dos and don’ts:

Good Things To Do

Wine. A good wine. It loosens you and her up, and sets a romantic mood. Don’t cheap out, but don’t go crazy with cost. Pick something that compliments the food. Drink some water too – getting too drunk is a definite turn-off.

For a light appetizer, consider bruschetta. It is easy to prepare the ingredients ahead of time and pop them in the oven for 5 minutes to warm. This is only a good choice, however, if your oven is not already occupied cooking supper.

A simple stir fry is one of my favorite meals. You prep the ingredients in advance, and the meal will be totally cooked in 15 minutes. Cut the meat that you have selected into 1" cubes. Fry them in a couple of tablespoons of light oil for 3 to 5 minutes lightly seasoning with salt and pepper. Add in the pre-chopped harder to cook vegetables like carrots, string beans or celery or onions. And then after a few more minutes stir in softer vegetables like spring peas, zucchini or tomatoes. Add a touch of soy sauce, and you are done. The beauty about a stir-fry is that you do not have to start cooking until after she arrives. Perfect if she is habitually late, may be stuck in traffic, or may have to stay late at work a bit because she is into an important project.

Before undertaking the first cooking date, make sure you have any food allergies down cold. The life threatening ones are worry some, but the annoying little sensitivities can prove to be an intimacy killer as well. Keep an over the counter anti-histamine around for emergencies. Benedryl is one of the better known. Ask your pharmacist for another appropriate alternative to have on hand as well if benedryl is a problem.

Keep your portions small, especially if the food is inherently heavy. You do not want either one of you to be too bloated to have sex afterwards, if the evening turns out as planned.

Candles and music are a must. Choose something that is easy to listen to. A relaxed sonata is easier to digest to than a booming overture.

Bad Things To Do

Don’t try something new. If it doesn’t turn out, then you’re stuck ordering pizza. Stick to your strengths and dazzle her with your expertise.

Stay away from curry, onions or garlic. They may be healthy, but they are not healthy for successful outcome of a dinner date. Always keep a bowl of mints in plain view for both of you to use after dinner.

Make sure that you have two complete settings of the same plates and silverware. If all your current dinner ware is composed of single piece rejects from your parents and former room mates, you can buy a four-piece setting of plates and silverware for about $40.00 total at any Wal-Mart.

Don’t over-spice. It’ll lead to gas problems for both of you, and that’s not romantic.


Light deserts are the right choice. So sherbets, ice cream, fruit cocktails are in. Cheesecakes are out.

To top of your successful evening, keep several appropriate desert toppings in the fridge just in case. My standards are redi-whip, smuckers caramel syrup, smuckers strawberry syrup, and any good chocolate syrup I can find in the supermarket.

Good luck and bon appetite!

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