Friday, 16 December 2011

What To Have For A Sleepover

When you start dating a new woman regularly, eventually you’re going to start sleeping over at her place. At least, you hope you are! Once that starts happening, the smart dater will have a sleepover kit ready at her place at all times. The essentials that I list here can easily fit into a small zipped up bag and stashed in your car. At some point, it should be possible for it to become a permanent fixture at her place. Read, see the wisdom, and get yourself one today!

Something For Your Feet

Your girl may be a wonderful person to be with, but that does not necessarily mean that she is the worlds best housekeeper. On top of that, the floors in her apartment may be freezing in the winter. Pick up some cheapo slippers so you have something to slip on if you have to hit the john in the middle of the night. Nothing is worse than going back to bed with cold feet.


Better safe than sorry. But also, better adventurous than boring.  Get yourself some of the new fangled rubbers they’ve got out now. Have some laughs with it and mutually decide which ones you both like best. Unlike American Idol, even the losers in this tryout might have a lot of entertainment value!

Warmup Suit

On the same note as the footwear, you want to bring a sweatsuit in your overnight bag. Likely her landlord lowers the temperature at night to save moola. She might only have one little blanket. Long story short, it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Otherwise, you’ll have to borrow one of her shawls.


This is a no brainer. If you are like me you abhor using someone else's toothbrush, and do not like using another brand of toothpaste either. Buy the travel size toothpaste tube to save room.


You just cannot beat the affect that candles have on a woman. Whether you use them over a meal, to watch TV, or in the bedroom, they are a great mood setter! 


This movie is one of the greats for getting a woman into a romantic move. So keep this handy, dandy little gem around for the next time you are not in the mood to go out, the video stores are closed and there is nothing good on the 85 or so cable TV channels available to you. In any event, the content is good, so it bears multiple viewings. It may not be a Bruce Willis shoot-em up movie, but if it gets you shooting your own gun later in the evening, that makes it great content!

Romantic Card

here is a beauty that you probably wish you had thought of before! Get a blank card in the romance section of a card rack; something with a nice picture that signifies a romantic situation. Inside, you have already taped a pre-paid $100 gift card to whatever store she likes. Now draw a big heart or something, and write in a romantic comment like, “On a day like today, I am always reminded how much I love you”. You have to make sure that whatever you write does not have any reference to any particular special occasion or special day. Then some fateful day will surely come when you have forgotten some important anniversary, or birthday or something. You go to your sleepover bag, pull out the card, and give it to her. Presto – your ass is no longer grass! Tell your buddies.

Ear Plugs

Everyone snores sometimes, even hot chicks like the one you are dating. If you cannot sleep, just pull the plugs from your bag and put them on. Just make sure that you never use them when she is trying to talk to you!

Sleep Mask

Some women have bedrooms that face the rising sun, and that fill with light early in the morning. Some women can sleep through this blinding light, but if you can’t you’re prepared. Plus, you or she can wear it if you want to have some kinky sex.

Next Day’s Clothes

An emergency change of clothes is essential as well. I mean, after all, if you do not have spare clothes and something happens, you will have to dress in drag.

Sade Music

Sometimes musical tastes differ, and this is one of the things that makes the world and interesting place to live in. However, when it comes time to play something to enjoy when making love, if her tastes run exclusively to Celine Dion, it can be impossible to concentrate on what you need to. Everyone can get groovy to Sade.

Hardcover Book

It is always good to have some reading material if she has to leave you alone for a while. It prevents you from snooping, and it makes you look smart when she comes back and you’re reading. Stay away from nudie books. Most women hate that. If you can stomach it, try bringing and reading the latest Nicholas Sparks book.

So, there you go. A great idea, easy to make, and invaluable.

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