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Dating Chinese

If a relationship involves two Chinese people, they are well aware of Chinese culture conventions. However, when one is Chinese and one is from a different background, conflicts are inevitable and need to be discussed upfront before they become an issue.

Here are some tips about the Chinese perspective as it applies to dating:

Chinese women come across as shy and reserved when dating. As such, it is culturally expected for the man to make the first move and exhibit a certain amount of dominance in the relationship. Men are expected to be in a lead role when it comes to relationships. This applies to both initial contact, and every step along the way.

When talking to a Chinese woman on a dating site, always be polite and show respect.

Also remember that, in China, health and salary are not considered to be private issues and are expected to be discussed openly and freely.

Most women in China marry at an early age and Chinese men find it a little strange for women to be in their thirty's and still single. Chinese women over the age of 30 who find themselves still unattached are likely to welcome any opportunity to form a lasting relationship. Divorced women are usually shunned in Chinese society. Widowed women fare a bit better, but not by much. In any event, if you pay attention to widowed or divorced Chinese women on an online dating site, you will likely be very successful.

In China education is very important and Chinese men and women are usually more interested in the education level and degrees one might possess than most cultures are.

Chinese women are taught to value financial status as security for them and their future children. Chinese women are more likely to follow the money rather than their hearts.

Well educated Chinese people can often speak English to some degree. They are likely a lot better at reading and writing it than speaking it, especially if they are still living in China. When you do not use a language orally you cannot develop a good ear for distinguishing the words, nor do you get a chance to be fluent orally. Be ready to accept the fact that there will be more of a spoken language barrier than a written one.

Because of the banning of religion by Mao, entire generations of people in China have grown up without religion in their lives.

In Chinese society, the man is expected to pay for everything on a date, this includes dinner, movies, theater, snacks and, if needed, taxis.

Chinese people usually date with the idea of starting a long term relationship. Dating for fun or for casual sex is not normally something that they do.

If you are on a first date, you are likely better to suggest a coffee shop or tea house rather than a bar. Chinese people are not big on alcohol and might not be comfortable in a bar setting.

Mainland Chinese people tend to be more relaxed about getting someplace on time. Do not take it as an insult if they are late, it is just their culture.

Try not be offended if he or she wants to help you tidy up your things or perform some kind of maintenance around your home, mowing the lawn, doing dishes maybe even helping you paint, it means that he or she really likes you and wants to do something nice to help you out.

Chinese people are more aware of their health than most other cultures. They not only take care of their own health, but they will freely offer advice on yours as well. If you are sick, they will show love and respect by offering to help you out.

Most Chinese people tend to keep their feelings inside, even if they are crazy about you or madly in love with you they will never let on or let their feelings be known to you. Also take into serious consideration that they might say I like you instead of I love you but to them it means the same thing.

Being aware of some of the major differences in the culture between the western world and China will help you to be a little more understanding towards each other and of each others expectations.

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