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If You Want More Sex, Treat Your Woman to an Orgasm

In Victorian times, many adult women did not have orgasms. In actuality, a lot of them had no idea what an orgasm was.  Many women were raised with no sexual instruction, and sometimes with negative messages about their bodies, and their sexuality. A twin study done in 2005 found that one in three women reported never or seldom achieving orgasm during intercourse, and only one in ten always orgasm. Many women have serious troubles having an orgasm. A woman who cannot have an orgasm is as frustrated as a man with an erectile disfunction.

Now the question is how do we change all this, especially since almost all modern women desire orgasms. Lets start by defining a female orgasm.  An orgasm in women is much like what men experience-there is a peak of sexual excitement, in a moment of intense pleasure, and a pulsing, twitchy sensation that extends throughout the body.  Rythmiccontractions take place within the pelvic area including the walls of the vagina. Another difference here is that women don't experience a refractory period, and will usually be able to have many more orgasms with ongoing coital stimulation, often within a minute or two. In most women, there is no fluid ejaculated during orgasm.  This is an important fact for men to know, so as to not feel like they have not pleasured their woman, or make them feel inadequate because they don't.

With the help of a skilled lover, most women can achieve multiple orgasms if they so desire.

Women are physiologically pickier than men when it comes to achieving an orgasm. For instance:

1) They 2)A situation charged with romance
3) A partner whom they really like
4) Being at ease
5) The right degree if clitoral stimulation – not to rough, not too easy

You will unlikely simulate your female partner to orgasm without most of the previous conditions being met.

Men need to know that women generally have several variations of orgasms---the most common is the clitoral orgasm.  The clitoris is a woman's main sexual pleasure point and can be stimulated orally or with the fingers. The clitoral orgasm can have fluid expelled or be dry, and climaxes in uterus contractions . Another type of orgasm is called the G Spot. The G spot is a little harder to find: it is located on the upper side of the vagina – about one half way in. In most women the G-spot is about 3 inches into the vagina, and on the top side.  Gentle but firm pressure is required to find the G spot if the woman is not stimulated yet.  It is a softer area that is about one half centimeter in size. The location and size varies somewhat from woman to woman.  When located, and stimulated, the G spot can result in an orgasm within the vaginal walls.

Figure 1, Internal Female Anatomy:

Where's Waldo?

In summation, an orgasm is something very sensual that will provide both partners with incredible feelings of pleasure. The next list is a summary that can help both of you have orgasms regularly:

1) 2)Be gentle, especially when touching her genitals, or rubbing her clitoris
3) Use your tongue and lips to stimulate and gently suckle her breasts
4) Take it slow- it is not a race
5) Talk to your partner, find out what she likes
6) Women like you to tease them sexually – touch and withdraw many times. This will intensify the orgasm and the pleasure for both of you.
7) Use your own natural lubrication to moisten her clitoris – however she may need additional lubrication, you can buy lubricants at any drugstore.
8) Learn her body- does her nipples get hard only during arousal or are they like that at other times
9) Experiment: try different things
10) Do not push to try new things – experimentation must be mutual or else it will cause you to lose the moment

Men should read and practice the techniques in this guide, because more female orgasms are the keys to the kingdom of much more sex.

If you are an unsatisfied woman – persuade your partner to read this article, after all, your entire future is at stake!

Good Luck!

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